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Where can I buy a Saxmonica ?

We want to bring you the best quality product possible. Going from a prototype to a finished product is hard. There have been a few hiccups but we’re working our way through them. The counter to your right is a rough guide to our first shipping date. Once we’re there the Saxmonica will be available on Amazon in the US and through this site.

What Key does the Saxmonica play in ? 

The Saxmonica plays in the key of B Flat C Minor 

What is the construction material ? 

The Saxmonica is made out of high tech polymer plastics 

The Saxmonica has a full scale of tones from low D to high D. Plus several half notes that you can produce by half covering the holes. This is explained further in the tutorials.

How many Octaves does the Saxmonica have ? 

The Saxmonica has one octave but a higher octave can be played with good breathing and mouth position. 

Can the Saxmonica be amplified ? 

Yes it is possible to clip a microphone onto the Saxmonica and run through an amplifer. It is possible to see the mic and amp setup on Youtube or on the Saxmonica app.

Is the Mouthpiece interchangable ? 

Yes it is.

What sort of reed does the Saxmonica take ? 

The Saxmonica has a regular Alto mouthpiece and uses a Tenor reed for best results. It is possible to use an Alto reed as well but the Tenor reed gives it more volume.

Is the fingering similar to a regular Saxophone ? 

The fingering is the same as a regular Saxophone except you don’t use your little fingers.

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