Our Backing tracks

we’ve designed a series of customised backing tracks dedicated for the Saxmonica and other instruments.

We have developed this system as we have developed the Saxmonica sound.

This method works on building your confidence by giving you solid foundation and easy path to follow.

All of our backing tracks has been designed around the saxmonica so has long as you can hold the tone

and jam to that beat!

This will ensure your journey to creating great sounds and music is an effortless success.

“Space Jazz Category”

C minor

Blues, Reggae, Rock


“Space Jazz Meditation”

How Sound & Vibrations Can Elevate Your Life

We have created a new sound in meditation. 

Our meditation backing tracks have all been designed for the original Saxmonica tube. This works beautifully with a range of new backing tracks. Now you can put our beautifully arranged backing tracks on and just play gently over the top of them to create your very own Meditation sounds.

“Jamming With Friends”

G E minor