Saxmonica Generation 2 

14th March


It sounds like a Sax, plays like a Sax but fits in your pocket so you are ready to jam anywhere at anytime

Ultra Portable

Perfect for travel, the beach, parties and hiking. Made of quality materials the Saxmonica is useable in every environment and virtually unbreakable.

Easy to Learn

Extremely easy to learn. Using our online tutorials you’ll be up and playing in no time.

Backing Tracks 

Use our Saxmonica App to access our custom made backing track of all genres. Blues, Rock, Reggae, Lazy Jazz. A new way of learning music.


The Saxmonica app  


 Has been designed to give you a very easy pathway into producing great sounds with a Saxmonica. 

If it’s not there you don’t need it.  

The custom backing tracks have all been designed with the Saxmonica sound in mind. 

There is endless variety of options and a good range of music genres, 

 The video tutorials are short and to the point 

All your start out steps are clearly laid out in the tutorials and blogs to get you up to speed quickly .

It is a progression , so take your time and enjoy as you learn . Be a pro the second you start using it. 

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Latest Video

Los-Angeles USA 

Space Jazz

South Lake tahoe USA


Kampot, Campodia 

The Saxmonica

  • The Saxmonica 


  • Saxmonica is a very cool genuine pocket sax. It sounds like a
  • sax, plays like a sax but fits in your pocket so you are ready to jam 
  • anywhere anytime. Full tutorials at or saxmonica youtube. 
  • We have developed an App with a range of customised backing tracks and 
  • 30 short video tutorials that will get you up to speed very easily. This
  • is the greatest intro into music. We hope you enjoy it.

What Our Customers Say


” It really is very Clever “


Saxmonica Player and World traveller

” The Saxmonica is truly an instrument that can help to revolutionise how we play and learn Music”

Antony Harris

Sound Engineer, Tone World Studio, Kampot, Cambodia

” It’s perfect. Just put your headphones on and rock. Go with the flow.”


Musician and Saxmonica Tester, Pai, Thailand


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